12 Juni 2009

Headless Pilot


PMH hat gesagt…

Very impressive... well done

The Techno Kids Clothing. hat gesagt…

Hey Martin, I'm Kez. I'm a 15 year old and I own a clothing line called, The Techno Kids Clothing. Me and my cousin own it. We are just getting out there and most of our designs aren't designs... they're quotes, and we kinda need and want designs.

I like to buy clothes from Threadless and I saw your designs on the Art Print section. I don't know if you're willing to do it, but I was REALLY wondering if you could help us make designs or make some of them for us and also like teach us how to make cool designs like yours, so we can progress.

I really thought about this and would appreciate if you affiliated with us and made designs for us. We have the quote designs down and you can do like the artistic designs. Our designs focus on music and like retro kind of things.

If you're up to, once we get a paypal and a bank account, we will give your 50% of your designs that you made for us, or any design you're willing to let us use. It's not like we're taking all the credit and taking all the money. You will your moneys worth for the designs. You can tell us what you think it's worth and we'll sell it for that much. We'll credit you for the designs and put you out there.

If you want to help, I would really appreciate it, :). Your drawings are amazing and I want your talent to be used in our clothing line, so we could get out. I'm taking an Art and Tech Design and Graphic Design class this year, and I'll get better at making designs, but if you're willing to help us, please, :).

When you get this message, reply back if you're up and if you're not reply back anyway, so I know your response and if it's a yes or a no. If you can't message this MySpace, email me at: kezthedinosaur@yahoo.com or thetechnokidsclothing@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading.
-Kez. :)
p.s. amazing designs, btw.
i'm not sucking up. ;D

SHORT hat gesagt…

very cool work! also big congrats for your latest lafraise win! ;)