23 November 2009

Graphic Live Battle

Wir werden uns mit den Franzosen in Paris grafisch live messen;

In cooperation with Dune, Paris, West Berlin Gallery brings to you the exclusive Vectorlounge Graphic Battle between Berlin and Paris.
On November 25th the battle will take place simultaneously at West Berlin Gallery and Cafe Dune, Paris. The concept is simple: Each city will have a team of graphic designers, illustrators or web designers working live on a digital artwork. The working process on the screen can be viewed by the audience via projection and will be streamed live online. The designers get 30 minutes for the finalization of their artwork and battle one-on-one, Paris vs Berlin.
Topic for the first edition is simply: PARIS vs BERLIN – freestyle on that!

The evening will be completed by music and drinks to make it a date! The first round will start at 20:00 at West Berlin Gallery, Brunnenstr. 56, 13355 Berlin and at Cafe Dune, 18, av. Claude Vellefaux Paris

We would be happy to see lots of Berlin and Paris folks showing up and cheer for their team :)

Martin Krusche http://www.martinkrusche.de
Peachbeach Crew http://www.peachbeach.de/pb/
Roland Brückner http://roland-brueckner.blogspot.com/
Marine Drouan http://mixher.free.fr/

Pao http://www.paul.chadeisson.fr/release/#album=10
Samaritain http://le-samaritain.blogspot.com/
Sib http://www.pixeltv.fr/
Geronimo http://www.geronimo-paris.fr/#
Skio http://www.skio.fr/

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